zz tip

(Suggestions from Zarkoff Zucchini)

Tip 1 – Improper Exercise Technique

Tip 2 – Don’t get electrocuted by a jealous girlfriend.

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Tip 3 – Don’t get dragged through thorn bushes by an angry girlfriend.

Tip 4 – Never cheat on someone who throws you in a hornet’s nest.

Tip 5 – Little known facts about Zarkoff Zucchini

Zarkoff had 82 children from 62 women.

Zarkoff once drank 8 quarts of whiskey in an effort to get off hard drugs.

Zarkoff was in 24 comas during his short life.

Zarkoff conquered over 100 STD’s and became immune to antibiotics.

Zarkoff was head of Human Resources at a leading Amsterdam brothel.

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Healthy tip of the day – Never use poison ivy as toilet tissue.

Healthy tip #2 – When looking at an old picture of your girlfriend, never say she was beautiful back then.     Spyder